Why She Cheats & How She Gets Away With It

Why She Cheats &
How She Gets Away With It

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It takes one to know one! Unlike other “tackle-box”/”get-your-sh*t-together” books, I refuse to bore you with clinical studies and what statistics show. On the contrary, I am going to get straight to the point; that being the exact reason you picked up this book in the first place: To know why she does it and how she gets away with it. I like to speak in a way that’s easy to understand while using metaphors that are truly relatable. Because most men understand sports, in this book I am going to break this “cheating game” down like a game of basketball; first quarter second quarter and so forth and so on rules. I am a real woman who happens to know lots of other real women and have had lots of real-women talk with those women; therefore, there is no better source than myself.

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