Add Spark to Your Relationship!

Women have often asked me that famous question, “How can I add spark to my relationship?” and my answer is always a pretty simple; Try.


Unfortunately, that one word usually doesn’t go over very well with some people.


Seeing how dull relationships were an epidemic, I became really vested in the art of helping people add spark to their relationships.


About five years ago I started doing Naughty Girl parties. At these parties there were so many women who desperately wanted more excitement in their bedrooms. These women ranged in age from 18 to 70 years old. That’s right I said 70! I would often encounter three generations of women, the three of them sitting side by side on the sofa at these parties.


There would be a mother/grandmother around age 60-70, and her daughter age 35-40, and then her daughter (the granddaughter) age 18-21. Three generations of women in search of the same thing. New and exciting sexy tricks to take home in their little black party bags. I know that a lot of you are surprised to find that there are women as old as 70 years old sitting next to their daughters and granddaughters but believe me, they are. In fact, whenever I would call for a volunteer to come to the center of the room and help me to show the ladies how certain items could bring lots of spark into their bedrooms, the first hands to reach for the ceiling would belong to a dear old granny.


One of my favorite items that I would often show off to the ladies is an item that comes with a remote control. It would always be a real scream when the women would eventually realize what was happening right before their very eyes, and in turn was super huge hit when it came to boosting relationship moral.


Here a few tips for reigniting the flame in your bedroom:


  1. Go to a naughty girl party and join in on the fun
  2. Give your man a new girlfriend. A blonde, red, or even a blue wig with a new and fun attitude for the night will work wonders.
  3. Remind him of what he does for you, “You make me happy.” “You make my life so much better” or greet him with a “Hello handsome!” Those few words means so much to a man.


I would like to know your thoughts on great relationship boosters. Drop a comment, give me your own personal advice, and give all of us something to think about. Until the next topic… Let’s chat!M

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